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From an EMMY Award producer comes DONE THAT…CHANGED MY WAYS. This heart warming true story will reach teens with two powerful messages: first, save sex for marriage; secondly, if you have made the mistake of engaging in pre-marital sex, you can change your ways. The film features Corey Edelman, lead guitarist for the popular band NIV, and his fianceé Vorey Secor, a full time student. Corey’s goal was to remain a virgin and save sex for marriage. In fact, he graduated from high school never kissing a girl or drinking alcohol. But a snowboarding accident that nearly killed his mentor sent Corey into rebelliousness. At a party where he got drunk, Corey lost his gift of virginity to a girl he didn’t even know. Vorey had a different past. She became sexually active at 13, and engaged in a heart breaking cycle of sexual activity. Both, who hated what they did, resolved to change their ways by embracing SECONDARY VIRGINITY…the practice where teens stop engaging in pre-marital sex, and wait until marriage. One teen remarked, “I never understood Secondary Virginity until I saw this film. Corey’s really cool, and I related to him.”

Presented by Kent and Coleen Mast, this story will take you by surprise by its engaging honesty. DONE THAT…CHANGED MY WAYS was designed to accompany the world renowned SEX RESPECT® CURRICULUM. By the end of this film the teen audience will end up loving Corey and Vorey, and if sexually active, will understand that it’s never too late to CHANGE THEIR WAYS. 15 min.

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From an EMMY Award winning producer comes NOT DOING IT, a celebration of the rewards of saving sex until marriage. In this powerful film, mixing drama and documentary styles, NOT DOING IT introduces us to the fictional character Julie, a pretty high school student who thinks she loves her boyfriend Todd. Todd has given her an ultimatum…“If you love me, you’ll prove it.” Julie’s quest for the right choice takes us through her life, her friends, and a caring teacher who also faced the same choices years earlier. Will she give away her most precious gift, or save it for her future husband? NOT DOING IT also introduces us to real life teens who have already made the choice to wait. Blending hard edged drama, the latest music and high quality production values, NOT DOING IT will hold its teen audience from beginning to end. Brought to you by Kent and Coleen Mast, this superb program was designed to compliment the world renowned SEX RESPECT® CURRICULUM. As one teen described NOT DOING IT. “It’s like watching MTV, only it has good values and morals.” 23 min.

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From an EMMY Award winning producer comes DATING…PREDATOR OR PARTNER? This very important film clearly proves the proposition that on dates there are only two types of people…predators or partners. Predators are out for their own immediate gratification. Partners are friends who wish not only to have fun, but to respect the people they date. They desire to act in accordance with what is best for the friends they are dating. This ground breaking film, presented by Kent and Coleen Mast, brings a multi-cultural chorus to bear on this important topic. In the film we hear two very different stories about growing up and dating. Jennifer Kissick, the beauty queen we met in WHY I WAITED, grew up wanting to remain a virgin. On dates, she was a partner. Her fiancé, Derek Wiersma, grew up as a predator who began having pre-marital sex at 13. Derek was interested in “the hunt” and “getting as much out of a girl as he could.” Jennifer entered into friendship after friendship in her dating activity, while Derek was looking for the next seduction. After college, Derek realized that preying on women was wrong and he stopped. Shortly afterwards, he met Jennifer, and vowed to wait until they are married to have sex.

This compelling film, designed to accompany the world renowned SEX RESPECT® CURRICULUM, will clearly bring into focus appropriate dating behavior, and encourage its audience to become partners. 24 min.

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From EMMY Award winning Ursinus Films comes BUT YOU CAN’T HIDE. In this tragic but true story we learn that YOU CAN RUN from the dangers of premarital sex but…YOU CAN’T HIDE. You can fool yourself into thinking that sex is only a physical act and that common sense and contraception will protect you. You can imagine that in your teens you are mature enough to handle being used for someone else’s pleasure and then discarded. You can mistakenly believe that abortion is a contraceptive device that will help you in an emergency and not harm you emotionally for the rest of your life. You can think that if you wish…but you do so at your own risk.

Presented by Kent and Coleen Mast, this powerful story was designed to accompany the world renowned SEX RESPECT curriculum. “This story will shock and sober its teen audience. Any teen who is thinking about experimenting with premarital sex will think twice after they see this film.” 27 Minutes.

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From an EMMY Award winning producer comes WHY I WAITED featuring the beautiful Jennifer Kissick. Jennifer’s dream of representing California in the Miss America Pageant fell short by one tenth of a point. She was the first runner up in the Miss California Pageant, won the Miss Orange County title, and at 16 was Miss Teenage America. But Jennifer’s most important dream will come true. Since she was a little girl, Jennifer’s goal was to remain a virgin until her wedding night. How did Jennifer accomplish this goal in today’s sex-saturated society? Did she have a plan or strategy? Were there trials and temptations along the way? You bet. In this film, Jennifer shares her heart, tools, and strategy for success.

Presented by Kent and Coleen Mast, this powerful story was designed to accompany the world renowned SEX RESPECT® CURRICULUM. “WHY I WAITED will be an inspiration to teens, and a role model like Jennifer Kissick is a rare and much needed find.” 12 min.

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